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  • Beepi


    What did Beepi do? Beepi was a California-based online used car marketplace that allowed individuals to buy and sell used cars through an online platform. Beepi’s business model involved inspecting, certifying, and listing used cars for sale on its website, and then delivering the purchased cars to buyers’ doorsteps. Beepi was a peer-to-peer marketplace. Cars […]

  • Shyp


    What did Shyp do? In their words: “Shyp provide(d) shipping services that ranges from picking-up the package to delivering it to the destination.” Shyp was a technology company that provided on-demand shipping services to customers in select cities in the United States. The company’s goal was to make the process of shipping items more convenient […]

  • Pets.com


    What did Pets.com do? Pets.com was an online retailer that sold pet supplies and accessories through its website during the late 1990s and early 2000s. It was among the first to sell pet supplies on the internet, featuring the slogan “Because Pets Can’t Drive.” Pets.com was founded in 1998 and became well known for its […]

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