Aria Insights

    • Founded: 2008
    • Ceased Operations: 2019

What did Aria Insights do?

Aria Insights, formerly known as CyPhy Works, was a Massachusetts-based technology company that developed autonomous drones with artificial intelligence capability for information gathering and search and rescue missions in dangerous environments. It provided services for Oil and Gas, Public Security and Safety, Defense, and Telecommunication industry. Aria Insights was a pioneer in the field of autonomous drones.
Aria Insights raised a total of $46.46M in funding over 6 rounds. Aria Insights was acquired by FLIR Systems in October 2019. The acquisition was a major win for Aria Insights and its investors. The acquisition gave Aria Insights access to FLIR’s global reach and resources, which will help the company to continue to grow and expand its reach.

Who started Aria Insights ?

Founder Helen Greiner

Why did Aria Insights go out of business?

Aria Insights faced stiff competition from larger companies, such as DJI and Parrot, that had more resources and were able to sell their drones at a lower price. The market for robotic drones was still in its early stages of development and it was difficult for Aria Insights to identify a clear market for its products.
The development and production of robotic drones is a costly endeavor and Aria Insights was unable to bring its products to market at a price that was competitive with larger companies. Aria Insights’ sales were slow, and was unable to generate enough revenue to cover its costs.

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