Category: Food

  • Hubba


    Hubba, founded in 2011 by Ryan Behar and Ben Zifkin, was a promising Toronto-based startup that operated as an online wholesale marketplace, primarily catering to food and beverage brands and small, independent retailers. The platform was designed to facilitate connections between these entities, allowing brands to list their products and retailers to place orders. Hubba…

  • Dinner Lab

    Dinner Lab

    Dinner Lab was a pop-up restaurant company founded in 2011 and ceased operations in 2016 due to expensive production costs and competition. It raised $10.1 million in funding and was founded by Brian Bordainick.

  • Freshly


    Freshly was a meal delivery service founded in 2012 and ceased operations in 2023 due to competition and declining demand. It raised $107 million and was acquired by Nestlé for $950 million.

  • Munchery


    Munchery was a meal delivery service founded in 2010 by Tri Tran and Conrad Chu. It ceased operations in 2019 due to expensive business model, competition, and negative publicity about food safety.

  • Zume


    Zume Inc., established in 2015, was a startup that sought to revolutionize the pizza-making process with the innovative use of robots. Backed by significant funding, including approximately $450 million from investors like SoftBank Group Corp.’s Vision Fund, Zume aimed to automate and transform the traditional methods of pizza production. Zume’s journey began with an ambitious…

  • Munchee


    Munchee, founded in 2017, was an innovative startup with a mission to revolutionize restaurant and bar reviews. Their unique approach required reviewers to include a geo-tagged photo with their reviews, emphasizing the authenticity and reliability of the content. However, Munchee’s journey was cut short due to legal issues related to its fundraising methods. In a…

  • Juicero


    Founded in 2013 by Doug Evans, Juicero was a juice company that aimed to revolutionize how people consume fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. The company developed a Wi-Fi connected juice press that squeezed single-serving packets into fresh juice, embodying a mission to make it easier for people to consume fresh raw foods. Juicero raised an…