Category: Food

  • Dinner Lab

    Dinner Lab

    Dinner Lab was a pop-up restaurant company founded in 2011 and ceased operations in 2016 due to expensive production costs and competition. It raised $10.1 million in funding and was founded by Brian Bordainick.

  • Freshly


    Freshly was a meal delivery service founded in 2012 and ceased operations in 2023 due to competition and declining demand. It raised $107 million and was acquired by Nestlé for $950 million.

  • Munchery


    Munchery was a meal delivery service founded in 2010 by Tri Tran and Conrad Chu. It ceased operations in 2019 due to expensive business model, competition, and negative publicity about food safety.

  • Zume


    What did Zume do? Zume was an American manufacturing-technology company that developed and implemented an automated pizza-making process that used robots to prepare and bake pizzas during transit. They also developed and sold sustainable food-delivery boxes, licensed its automation technology to other food companies, and acquired a company that made plant-based packaging. Zume raised a […]

  • Munchee


    What did Munchee do? Munchee promised to be a trusted review app and website for restaurants and bars. By requiring reviewers to include a geo-tagged photo with reviews, Munchee would offer a high degree of confidence its reviews are legitimate. As one blogpost detailing Munchee’s downfall wrote, “The experience emphasized what Munchee claimed was truly […]

  • Juicero


    What did Juicero do? Juicero provided a their innovative juicing system. Juicero was “on a mission to help people consume more fresh produce every day. Starting with the first home, cold-press juicing system that makes raw, organic juice with the touch of a button, the Juicero system represents three years of hard work to bring […]