Category: Hardware

  • Airware


    Airware was a drone services company founded in 2011, raising $100 million in Series B funding. It ceased operations in 2018 due to lack of focus, difficult software, and competition from larger companies.

  • Solyndra


    Solyndra was a solar energy company founded in 2005 that ceased operations in 2011. It used CIGS thin film solar cells and received a $535 million loan guarantee from the DOE. It failed due to higher production costs and weaker demand than expected.

  • MatterFab


    MatterFab was a 3D metal printer company founded in 2013 that ceased operations in 2019. It used SLM to create metal parts and was too expensive for many businesses. It struggled to raise money and faced management issues.

  • Fuhu


    Fuhu was a consumer electronics company founded in 2008 and ceased operations in 2015. It designed, developed and marketed tablet computers, smartphones and other connected devices. It was acquired by Mattel for $21.5M due to increasing competition and financial problems.

  • Aria Insights

    Aria Insights

    Aria Insights was a technology company that developed autonomous drones with AI capability. It was founded by Helen Greiner in 2008 and acquired by FLIR Systems in 2019. It faced competition from larger companies and was unable to generate enough revenue to cover its costs.

  • Anki


    Anki was a robotics and AI company founded in 2010 and ceased operations in 2019. It developed products such as Anki Drive, Anki Overdrive, Cozmo, and Vector. It faced difficulties in generating revenue and securing additional funding, leading to its closure.

  • Zume


    What did Zume do? Zume was an American manufacturing-technology company that developed and implemented an automated pizza-making process that used robots to prepare and bake pizzas during transit. They also developed and sold sustainable food-delivery boxes, licensed its automation technology to other food companies, and acquired a company that made plant-based packaging. Zume raised a […]

  • Jawbone


    Jawbone was an American technology company founded in 1997 that developed and sold wearable technology and portable audio devices. It went out of business in 2017 due to product failures, poor management, and competition from Fitbit.

  • Skully


    What did Skully do? Skully was a technology company that gained significant attention in the motorcycle industry for its innovative products. Skully aimed to revolutionize the riding experience by integrating advanced technology into motorcycle helmets. Skully‚Äôs flagship product was the Skully AR-1, an augmented reality motorcycle helmet. The Skully AR-1 garnered immense interest from both […]

  • Juicero


    What did Juicero do? Juicero provided a their innovative juicing system. Juicero was “on a mission to help people consume more fresh produce every day. Starting with the first home, cold-press juicing system that makes raw, organic juice with the touch of a button, the Juicero system represents three years of hard work to bring […]