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  • Intergalactic Therapeutics

    Intergalactic Therapeutics

    What did Intergalactic Therapeutics do? Intergalactic Therapeutics was a gene therapy startup founded by ATP (Apple Tree Partners), a leading life sciences venture capital firm. The company aimed to overcome the limitations of viral-based gene therapies by advancing non-viral gene therapies with two proprietary technologies: C3DNA, a versatile non-viral cargo platform, and COMET, a pulsed […]

  • ConnectedH


    What did ConnectedH do? ConnectedH was a healthcare technology company that simplified healthcare processes by organizing relevant data. ConnectedH’s platform connected different sectors of the healthcare system, including patients, doctors, diagnostic labs, and insurance companies. This allowed for seamless communication and coordination of care, which could lead to better patient outcomes and lower costs. ConnectedH […]

  • Babylon Health

    Babylon Health

    What did Babylon Health do? Babylon Health is a digital-first health service provider that combines an artificial intelligence (AI) powered platform with virtual clinical operations for patients. Patients are connected with health care professionals through their web and mobile application. Babylon Health makes money by taking on medical risk for its members, looking for cost […]

  • ReVision Optics

    ReVision Optics

    ReVision Optics was a medical device company founded in 1996 by Adrian Koppes and Alok Nigam. It developed and marketed the Raindrop Near Vision Inlay for presbyopia. It ceased operations in 2017 due to competition and lack of revenue.

  • Mindstrong


    Mindstrong was a mental health company that used AI to monitor users’ activity for mental health issues. It raised $160 million in funding, but faced privacy concerns and competition, leading to its closure in 2023.

  • Call9


    Call9 was a telemedicine company founded in 2015 that provided on-demand access to doctors for nursing home residents. It raised $34 million in venture capital funding, but went out of business in 2019 due to lack of scale and competition.

  • Theranos


    What did Theranos do? Theranos was a health technology startup with the aim of revolutionizing blood testing. Theranos promised to provide accurate and fast blood tests using only a few drops of blood from a finger prick, rather than a traditional venous blood draw. At its peak in 2013 and 2014, Theranos had raised more […]