Category: Mobile App

  • Vine


    Vine, an American short-form video hosting service, revolutionized digital content creation with its six-second looping video clips. Founded by Dom Hofmann, Rus Yusupov, and Colin Kroll in June 2012, it was acquired by Twitter in October 2012 for $30 million before its public launch in January 2013. Vine’s innovative format quickly captivated users, making it…

  • Quizy


    Quizy, an innovative platform that carved its niche in the online learning and quiz segment, captured the curiosity of many during its brief journey from 2021 to 2023. Despite its potential, Quizy’s story turned out to be a classic case of a promising startup struggling to navigate the challenges posed by regulatory changes and stiff…

  • Buzzer


    What did Buzzer do? Buzzer was a mobile sports streaming app that aimed to provide a personalized sports experience for Gen Z users. Users could download the app and enter their favorite teams or players, then receive notifications when games were close late, when a star player was having a big night, or even when…

  • Yik Yak

    Yik Yak

    Yik Yak, a social media app founded in 2013, allowed users to anonymously post messages or “yaks” within a 5-mile radius, gaining rapid popularity among college students for sharing news, gossip, and jokes. However, it wasn’t without controversy. The platform was criticized for enabling cyberbullying, harassment, and discrimination. In 2015, Yik Yak faced backlash for…

  • Buzzer


    Buzzer, a mobile streaming startup that once made waves in the sports industry, provides a striking example of the challenges faced by tech startups, even those backed by high-profile investors and innovative ideas. Founded in 2020, Buzzer launched its mobile app in 2021 with the aim of transforming how Gen Z sports fans engage with…

  • ChaCha


    ChaCha was a company providing real-time answers to questions, founded by Scott A. Jones and Brad Bostic in 2006. It ceased operations in 2016 due to competition and lack of profitability.

  • Benja Commerce Network

    Benja Commerce Network

    Benja Commerce Network, founded in 2014, evolved from a Tinder-like shopping app to the first shoppable media advertising network. Despite an innovative approach and raising between $2 and $3 million from angel investors like Tony Hsieh and XRC Labs, Benja ceased operations in 2020. This post delves into the reasons behind Benja’s downfall, highlighting the…

  • Color Labs

    Color Labs

    Color Labs, a startup founded in 2010, aimed to innovate in the mobile app space by developing a platform for capturing and sharing photos and videos. The company was co-founded by Bill Nguyen and Peter Pham and received substantial investment backing, raising a staggering $41 million from high-profile investors like Sequoia Capital, Bain Capital, and…