Category: Payment

  • Bitpass


    BitPass was an online payment system for digital content and services, founded in 2002 by Kurt Huang and Gyuchang Jun. It ceased operations in 2007 due to lack of capital and the micropayments market not being seen as a viable investment.

  • Tilt


    Tilt, a social payment startup, was founded in 2012 by James Beshara, Karolyn Baxter, and Khaled Hussein. This innovative venture focused on crowd-funding, enabling groups and communities to fund diverse events through its mobile app. Tilt was especially popular among college students who used the platform for crowdfunding events and settling expenses with friends. The…

  • Fast


    Fast, a fintech startup, emerged in the fintech landscape with a bold vision: to revolutionize the online checkout experience. Co-founded by Domm Holland and Allison Barr Allen, Fast’s journey was marked by high expectations and significant investor interest. The startup was particularly focused on streamlining the e-commerce transaction process, aiming to make it as seamless…