Category: Services

  • Clutter


    What did Clutter do? Clutter was a provider of on-demand storage and moving services used to help customers store their physical belongings. Clutter aimed to consistently provide hassle-free and affordable services by investing in exceptional people, smart technology, and pristine spaces. The company offered customizable solutions for everyone, including warehouse storage, self-storage, moving, and packing […]

  • Panther


    What did Panther do? Panther was a contractor management tool designed to help businesses build remote teams. It took care of global payroll, benefits, taxes, compliance, and more for remote workers. Panther’s platform was designed to make it easy for businesses to manage their remote workforce. The platform provided a single place to manage all […]

  • Friyey


    What did Friyey do? Friyey was a coworking space provider that offered workspaces in restaurants, pubs, and clubs during the morning hours, when these places witness less footfall. Friyey had over 500 restaurant partners and more than 24,000 remote workers accessing its spaces. Friyey’s concept was simple but ingenious. By offering workspaces in underutilized spaces, […]

  • Freshly


    Freshly was a meal delivery service founded in 2012 and ceased operations in 2023 due to competition and declining demand. It raised $107 million and was acquired by Nestlé for $950 million.

  • Call9


    Call9 was a telemedicine company founded in 2015 that provided on-demand access to doctors for nursing home residents. It raised $34 million in venture capital funding, but went out of business in 2019 due to lack of scale and competition.

  • HubHaus


    What did HubHaus do? HubHaus is a co-living company that offers a unique and affordable way for young professionals to live in shared spaces. HubHaus aims to address the growing housing affordability crisis in major cities by providing a community-focused living experience. Hubhaus’ innovative approach to co-living and its mission to address the housing affordability […]

  • Zirtual


    What did Zirtual do? Zirtual was a virtual assistant service that provided remote administrative and personal support to individuals and businesses. Zitual aimed to help busy professionals manage their workload by outsourcing tasks to dedicated virtual assistants. Zirtual operated on a subscription-based model, where clients paid a monthly fee for a certain number of hours […]