Category: Over-Expansion

  • Clutter


    What did Clutter do? Clutter was a provider of on-demand storage and moving services used to help customers store their physical belongings. Clutter aimed to consistently provide hassle-free and affordable services by investing in exceptional people, smart technology, and pristine spaces. The company offered customizable solutions for everyone, including warehouse storage, self-storage, moving, and packing […]

  • Dinner Lab

    Dinner Lab

    Dinner Lab was a pop-up restaurant company founded in 2011 and ceased operations in 2016 due to expensive production costs and competition. It raised $10.1 million in funding and was founded by Brian Bordainick.

  • Freshly


    Freshly was a meal delivery service founded in 2012 and ceased operations in 2023 due to competition and declining demand. It raised $107 million and was acquired by Nestlé for $950 million.

  • Tilt


    WHAT DID Tilt DO? Tilt was an innovative startup in the realm of social payments. It revolutionized the way groups and communities collaborated to fund diverse events through its mobile app. Among its primary users were college students, who embraced the app’s functionality to crowdfund events and conveniently settle expenses with their friends. However, Tilt’s […]

  • Munchery


    Munchery was a meal delivery service founded in 2010 by Tri Tran and Conrad Chu. It ceased operations in 2019 due to expensive business model, competition, and negative publicity about food safety.

  • Quirky


    What did Quirky do? Quirky was a unique company that captured the attention of many with its innovative approach to product development. Quirky’s platform allowed users to submit their product ideas, which were then evaluated by a community of experts and voted on by the public. The winning ideas were then developed and manufactured by […]

  • Zirtual


    What did Zirtual do? Zirtual was a virtual assistant service that provided remote administrative and personal support to individuals and businesses. Zitual aimed to help busy professionals manage their workload by outsourcing tasks to dedicated virtual assistants. Zirtual operated on a subscription-based model, where clients paid a monthly fee for a certain number of hours […]

  • Fast


    What did Fast do? Fast was an easy checkout startup company that offers online checkout and login solutions created to give customers a secure shopping experience. Fast’s innovative technology allows for fast, efficient, and secure transactions, presenting a choice for businesses looking to streamline their payment process. According to Crunchbase, Fast has raised $124.5 million […]

  • Shyp


    What did Shyp do? In their words: “Shyp provide(d) shipping services that ranges from picking-up the package to delivering it to the destination.” Shyp was a technology company that provided on-demand shipping services to customers in select cities in the United States. The company’s goal was to make the process of shipping items more convenient […]


    What did do? was an online retailer that sold pet supplies and accessories through its website during the late 1990s and early 2000s. It was among the first to sell pet supplies on the internet, featuring the slogan “Because Pets Can’t Drive.” was founded in 1998 and became well known for its […]