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  • ConnectedH


    What did ConnectedH do? ConnectedH was a healthcare technology company that simplified healthcare processes by organizing relevant data. ConnectedH’s platform connected different sectors of the healthcare system, including patients, doctors, diagnostic labs, and insurance companies. This allowed for seamless communication and coordination of care, which could lead to better patient outcomes and lower costs. ConnectedH […]

  • Panther


    What did Panther do? Panther was a contractor management tool designed to help businesses build remote teams. It took care of global payroll, benefits, taxes, compliance, and more for remote workers. Panther’s platform was designed to make it easy for businesses to manage their remote workforce. The platform provided a single place to manage all […]

  • Fab


    What did Fab do? Fab was an e-commerce website that sold home goods, furniture, and other lifestyle products. It was known for its unique business model, which involved offering limited-time deals on high-quality products. This model was successful in the early days of the company, as it created a sense of urgency and excitement among […]