• Founded: 2014
  • Ceased Operations: 2023

What did Clutter do?

Clutter was a provider of on-demand storage and moving services used to help customers store their physical belongings. Clutter aimed to consistently provide hassle-free and affordable services by investing in exceptional people, smart technology, and pristine spaces. The company offered customizable solutions for everyone, including warehouse storage, self-storage, moving, and packing supplies. Clutter was a full-service moving and smart storage company that’s changing the way people manage their items

Clutter raised over $200 million in funding from investors such as Greylock Partners, Sequoia Capital, and Thrive Capital.

Who started Clutter?

Founders Ari Mir, Brian Thomas

Why did Clutter go out of business?

Clutter faced financial difficulties and has essentially ran out of cash. Clutter, which had been valued at a reported $600 million in 2019, struck a deal to be sold for pennies on the dollar to one of its business partners and existing shareholders, publicly traded Iron Mountain, to stay alive.

Clutter is still operating and providing storage and moving services across the US. The acquisition by Iron Mountain was announced in August 2023, and the deal is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2023.

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