• Founded: 2020
  • Ceased Operations: 2023

What did Dealtale do?

Dealtale was a Revenue Science platform that helped marketing, sales, and customer success teams analyze their customers’ journeys at scale. Its proprietary technology and platform collected, analyzed, optimized, and monitored all customer touchpoints, streamlined them into one customer data center, and allowed users to create data-driven, customer-centric revenue processes.

Dealtale raised a total of $1.8 million in funding over 3 rounds. Its most recent funding was a Series B round of $1.5 million raised on February 21, 2022. Dealtale was acquired by Vianai on May 24, 2022.

Who started Dealtale?

Founders Adi Mizrahi, Ariel Geifman, Aviran Moshe

Why did they go out of business?

Dealtale was shut down by its parent company, Vianai Systems, one year after being acquired. Vianai decided to focus on its generative AI products, which it believes have a larger market potential than Dealtale’s revenue science platform.

Dealtale was not profitable at the time of its closure, which may have been another factor in Vianai’s decision to shut it down.

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