• Founded: 2008
    • Ceased Operations: 2015

What did Fuhu do?

Fuhu was a consumer electronics company that designed, developed, and marketed tablet computers, smartphones, and other connected devices for children and families. Fuhu’s flagship product was the Nabi tablet computer, which was first released in 2011. The Nabi was designed specifically for children, with features such as parental controls, educational games, and a durable design. The Nabi was a commercial success, and Fuhu went on to release several other Nabi tablets, as well as smartphones and other connected devices.
Fuhu raised a total of $66.2 million in funding over 5 rounds. Fuhu was acquired by Mattel for $21.5M on December 2015.

Who started Fuhu?

Founders Robb Fujioka and brothers Jim and Steve Hui

Why did Fuhu go out of business?

As the tablet market became more crowded, Fuhu faced increasing competition from larger companies like Amazon, Apple, and Samsung. Consumer preferences for tablets were changing. As smartphones became more powerful, people were less likely to buy a separate tablet for their children.
Fuhu had financial problems for several years before it went out of business. Fuhu had high debt and was unable to raise enough money to sustain its operations. Fuhu filed for bankruptcy and was acquired by Mattel. Mattel continued to sell Nabi tablets under the Fuhu brand until 2019, when the Nabi line was quietly discontinued.

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