• Founded: 2007
  • Ceased Operations: 2011
  • Re-Booted: 2023 (More to come)

What did Gowalla do?

Gowalla was a location-based social networking platform that gained popularity during the early days of mobile app stores. Gowalla allowed users to share their locations and activities with their friends by checking in at various venues, similar to other platforms like Foursquare. Gowalla also served as a promotional tool, sometimes incentivizing users to check-in with in-person deals.

Gowalla raised a total of $10.4 million in funding during its operations. Gowalla’s investments came from an array of angel investors and early-stage venture capital firms Including Greylock Partners, Chris Sacco, Kevin Rose, and Jason Calacanis.

Who started Gowalla?

Scott Raymond and Josh Williams

Why did Gowalla go out of business?

Gowalla faced tough competition from other location-based social networking platforms and struggled to keep up with rapidly-evolving mobile app trends. The team eventually sold via acquihire to Facebook in 2011.

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