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  • Founded: 2013
  • Ceased Operations: 2017

What did Juicero do?

Juicero provided a their innovative juicing system. Juicero was “on a mission to help people consume more fresh produce every day. Starting with the first home, cold-press juicing system that makes raw, organic juice with the touch of a button, the Juicero system represents three years of hard work to bring cold-pressing technology (and nutrient-dense goodness) home. It’s all in the spirit of manifesting true health, and it’s just the beginning.”

Juicero raised $120 million in funding from investors, including Google Ventures and Kleiner Perkins.

Who started Juicero?

Doug Evans founded the company and served as CEO.

Why did Juicero go out of business?

Juicero faced criticism for the quality of their juice packets. Some customers complained that the juice produced by the machine was not significantly different from store-bought juice, despite the high cost. Others pointed out that the juice packets were not recyclable, which raised concerns about the environmental impact of the product.

Juicero’s failure has been attributed to its high costs, lack of consumer demand, and the fact that the product was not truly innovative or necessary.

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