• Founded: 2010
    • Ceased Operations: 2019

What did Muchery do?

Munchery was a meal delivery service that offered prepared meals that were delivered to customers’ homes. Munchery offered a menu of freshly prepared meals, including a variety of options for different dietary preferences and restrictions. Munchery hired a team of chefs to create a variety of dishes that were then cooked in central kitchens and delivered to customers within an hour. Customers could order meals online or through the Munchery app.
Munchery raised a total of $125.4 million in funding over 9 rounds from investors. Muchery quickly gained popularity, and by 2015, it was valued at $300 million.

Who started Muchery?

Founders Tri Tran and Conrad Chu

Why did Muchery go out of business?

Muchery filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Muchery was unable to reorganize and ceased operations in 2019. Muchery’s business model was very expensive to operate. It had to build and maintain a network of “ghost kitchens” (central kitchens that only prepare food for delivery), hire a large number of delivery drivers, and offer high-quality food. Another challenge that Munchery faced was competition from other meal delivery services such as such as Blue Apron and HelloFresh. Munchery was also hurt by negative publicity about its food safety practices. In 2017, Munchery was forced to recall thousands of meals after it was found that some of its food had been contaminated with bacteria. This negative publicity caused many customers to lose trust in Munchery.

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