Next Step Living

    • Founded: 2008
    • Ceased Operations: 2016

What did Next Step Living do?

Next Step Living was a company that provided home energy evaluations and solutions for individuals and organizations. Next Step Living’s main business was providing home energy assessments. These assessments would identify areas where a home could be made more energy efficient, such as by weatherizing the home or installing energy-efficient appliances. Next Step Living would then work with the homeowner to implement the recommended improvements.
Next Step Living grew rapidly, raising $80 million in venture capital and reaching $100 million in revenue.

Who started Next Step Living?

Founder Geoff Chapin

Why did Next Step Living go out of business?

Next Step Living faced increasing competition from larger, more established companies in the home energy efficiency business. These companies had more resources and were able to offer lower prices. The home energy efficiency business is a low-margin business. This means that companies in this industry need to sell a lot of products and services in order to make a profit. Next Step Living was not able to sell enough products and services to cover its costs.
Next Step Living received a number of customer complaints about its products and services. These complaints included problems with installation, poor customer service, and high-pressure sales tactics. Next Step Living grew very quickly in a short period of time. This put a strain on the company’s finances and made it difficult to manage.

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