• Founded: 2013
  • Ceased Operations: 2016

What did Skully do?

Skully was a technology company that gained significant attention in the motorcycle industry for its innovative products. Skully aimed to revolutionize the riding experience by integrating advanced technology into motorcycle helmets.

Skully’s flagship product was the Skully AR-1, an augmented reality motorcycle helmet. The Skully AR-1 garnered immense interest from both riders and the tech community. The company launched a highly successful crowdfunding campaign, raising approximately $2.5 million through Indiegogo and an additional $11 million in venture capital.

Who started Skully?

Inventor Marcus Weller and CEO Martin Fitcher

Why did Skully go out of business?

The company was unable to develop the helmet at the cost previously anticipated and only delivered between 20 and 100 units as of July 2016. Unable to secure additional funding, the company filed for bankruptcy.

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